“Aitai Riyuu/Dream After Dream” – AAA

I wish I could stand sideways like that. They do it so naturally. 😛

Special shout-out goes out to my new buddy convenience93 😉

AAA has always been a fun group for me to listen to, particularly when I’m in a funk. Their music always has a sort of “eurobeat-revival” as I like to describe it. You see, I’m a bit of a pretentious jerk who likes to invent her own terms for describing music in order to sound one step ahead of the crowd. Anyway, Dream After Dream/Aitai Riyuu (please don’t smite me if the latter isn’t spelled correctly. I’ve seen about a dozen different spellings, and I’m helpless since I’m not the biggest AAA buff out there.) is the latest single for the queens and kings of eurobeat-revival cool (there’s my term again!)

When Dream After Dream starts, there’s a strong, spacey techno sound. Then the singers come in, muffled at first so they sound a bit like bleating sheep. The vocals become clearer and the music becomes something I can only describe as “wooo, beach party! YEAH!” It’s a hysterically fun song, a bit lengthy but the song’s so fun that you don’t pay much attention to that. I’ve noticed that a lot of J-pop acts have been putting out a TON of music that have that “kicking off the Summer sound” and I’ve always been a sucker for songs like that.

Aitai Riyuu begins with a more intense and passionate sound. All of the singers sound great as the song picks up tempo. I ADORED the rap portions of this song for some reason. If Dream After Dream is the day, then Aitai Riyuu is definitely the night. It’s a great song on its own merit, performed well and with a slight 80s flair.

We also get remixes of the songs, which are okay. Dream After Dream’s remix’s constant beeping sounds irked me a little, and I hope nobody shoots me in the fact when I say that I preferred Aitai Riyuu’s remix to the original. (ducks and covers)

In Conclusion: This is a great listen because both songs work nicely together. I also noticed that the vocals of all the group members have improved with time, and its wonderful to see them doing so well.




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12 responses to ““Aitai Riyuu/Dream After Dream” – AAA

  1. yayy new buddy!! greetings from melbourne~! Managed to get on the internet for awhile 😉
    Btw where are you from, new buddy? O.O I’m from malaysia if you didn’t already know =p

    Nicee to see you doing a review…haha the aitai riyuu remix…personally I wasn’t a fan…I like the original better cause I feel more of their emotions while they’re singing the song…check out jpopasia for the english lyrics translation…the songs especially aitai riyuu is really meaningful…the remix is okayy but to me, some emotions are a little lost if it’s the remix. but that’s my opinion =p

    • I’m from Kentucky, in the U.S. Its boring here! Haha! Enjoy the rest of your time in Melbourne, new buddy, and thanks for your comment! 🙂

      • heees I’m back from melbourne btw. And you can call me ven. So I can call you alisa right? yayy! I shall continue spamming your blog and kira’s blog cause….it’s fun!! *woots*
        Btw did you see any of the lives of aitai riyuu? methinks it’s interesting. The dance is kinda cute and cool =p

        • Hey, what you call spamming is what I call valuable feedback. Comment as much as you like, I love reading all of them.

          I haven’t seen any of the lives but I’ll be sure to check it out since you like it so much.

          • wowww it’s nice that you appreciate it. alright, valuable feedback =p

            O.O Aitai Riyuu live here…this is one of it.

            You shouldn’t really take my word though cause I like almost all of AAA’s stuff very much, so there’s no guarantee you’ll like it VERY MUCH too. haha.

  2. I’ll take the third girl on the left please…and yes, I would like fries with that. 😛

  3. I’m 19. Almooooost 20. I’ll be 20 in October.

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