Tricked Out Sidebar!

Welcome, welcome to the new and improved SAKURAYUME! Hold your applause please. Here is just a little tour of the changes I’ve made:

New layout: A wider layout to make the sidebar not look so cramped

A tricked out sidebar containing:
A list of categories
An archive
My view count
My twitter feed
A category cloud
and A weekly poll which will be updated every Saturday

Please leave me feedback, whether it be good or bad, and make sure to vote in my poll!
Don’t forget that I’m also on Formspring!




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7 responses to “Tricked Out Sidebar!

  1. A Reader!

    Guess who’s Bizzaacckkk !!!

    I like it! user-friendly FTW

    • Thank you very much. I wanted to make the site a little wider. The clutter was bugging me. 😛 If you have any trouble with the categories or whatever let me know!

  2. Oooh not bad 🙂
    I like.

  3. Nooooice! I’m intrigued by the Hot Pastrami.

  4. Very nice. PS, I have a question…

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