“To The Loveless” – Boom Boom Satellites

Get ready for a loooooong album.

Like Luzmelt from my previous review, Boom Boom Satellites was a group I simply happened upon by chance. Yes, I’m aware that they’ve been around for quite a long time, but I never noticed them until now. I’m slow. Haha. Hey, but there’s a lot of music out there, you guys! That’s the sad thing. We’ll never have enough time in our lives to hear all the great music out there. Okay, I’m going to hop off this topic before I have an existential meltdown.

What I like about Boom Boom Satellites is that they have a sound that no one else does. Its super hard rock, and super hard electronica. At the same time. Since these are basically my two favorite genres, hearing them melded together is just wonderful.

I’ll go ahead and tell you now that the only track I wound up liking was Drain, but I liked it very VERY much. Length was a bit of an issue with me while listening to this album. The majority of the songs are 5+ minutes long, the lengthiest being Caught in the Sun at ten minutes and twenty one seconds. Phew. Maybe its because I’m strutting around with a bad case of undiagnosed ADHD, but I like my songs to be around four and a half minutes. I think that’s a comfortable time limit because the song gets to leave a lasting impression without being overkill. This album for me was a bunch of great and polished tracks that were just too long. I am sure that some people love super long songs and that’s cool too! This album should be right up their alley. But its just not for me. Since I have no previous experience with this group, I can’t tell you if length has always been something their songs have been known for, but it appears to be the case with “To the Loveless.”

In Conclusion: Check out this album if you have a high attention span. If not, then make sure you at least listen to Drain. It is outstanding.



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One response to ““To The Loveless” – Boom Boom Satellites

  1. keyinjpop

    Yeah, you should check out there older stuff cause from what I’ve read, there songs were shorter so this is there longest album to date but not a bad one.

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