“Xiah” – Xiah Junsu

No. You're not attractive.

Xiah Junsu is a determination personified. Barely any time after the whole DBSK/Tohoshinki/TVXQ/Everything-else-they-are-called-throughout the-world fiasco unfolded, this suave go-getter had set out on his own to spit out this single, aptly titled “Xiah.” The simple title made a lot of sense to me because after all, it is only him now. Now, I use the term “spit out” in reference to the speed in which this single came to fruition, not in terms of the quality. I thought the single was very strong overall.

Even though Junsu never had the best vocals in TVXQ/blah-blah-other-names, his voice was the one I could recognize the easiest. There’s an odd quality to his voice that I can’t put my finger on. I don’t want to say he sounds like a duck sitting on top of a washing machine, so I won’t. I’ll just say that his voice is unique. And strange. And SOMEWHAT reminiscent of a duck sitting on top of a washing machine. Possibly. But you didn’t hear that from me.


The heavily promoted track Intoxication was a song I thoroughly enjoyed. The song was more believable because it was only performed by Junsu. If all the guys from TVXQ/blahty-blah were singing THOSE lyrics all at once it would seem soooooo wrong. As for the lyrics, they were a little heavy and I found myself fidgeting with discomfort at them at times and they honestly felt like they came from a man who was trying too hard. Junsu penned the lyrics himself, by the way. Awkwaaaard. However, the mood of the songs and the romantic strings samples altogether seemed genuine. I was terrified of how Junsu was going to pronounce the word “intoxication,” but he did a pretty good job. A couple times he cut a syllable out of the word, but its forgivable, because this song had a boatload of English in it. The one word that I got annoyed with Junsu’s pronunciation of was “touch” which sucks for me since it was pretty much the most frequently occurring word in the song. Gee wiz, I can’t get a break. All in all, I loved the song and the melody but disliked the very very *ahem* “direct” lyrics. Thankfully the single came with an instrumental of this track for me to enjoy without feeling weird.

The other two tracks, which I don’t feel like writing out here because I’m lazy/a jerk are both ballads. I don’t like Junsu’s voice in ballads and the instrumentals for both songs is strange. I can hear weird, almost j-tek styled noises in the background at some point during each of the ballads which feel completely out of place. Junsu’s singing is emotionless. He sounds about as excited as a kid going to Chuck E. Cheese for their FIFTEENTH birthday. (you know, the age where everything you loved as a kid suddenly is terrible and embarrassing? I would have loved to have gone to Chuck E. Cheese at age 15, or even now. I attribute this to the fact that I grew up thinking that Chuck E. Cheese was a myth because there wasn’t one near where I live. But I digress.)

In Conclusion: Xiah Junsu’s debut single thingy w00t w00t is currently #2 on the Oricon charts. He should know not to release the same week as AKB48. Seriously, dude. Get your head in the game (vomits at unintentional High School Crapsical reference). This single is good. Intoxication is a wonderfully composed song, but the two lifeless ballads bog this single down quite a bit. Its okay though. I’d rather have one great song instead of a whole mess of songs I don’t personally care for.

• Alisa Counter-Cruel: I just made a new video. Expect to see it online TOMORROW. There are pork rinds involved. I can just smell the ratings! Make sure you subscribe to my Youtube channel. The name is sakurayumeblog. 😉
• Artist recommendation: Luzmelt. I don’t know anything about this group at the moment, other than the fact that their single “Sacrifice” is very interesting and experimental. Its like the midway point between Visual Kei and Electopop. Its wild, you guys. I think I may have to review it before I even touch the new Boom Boom Satellites album. Sorry if anyone was particularly looking forward to that review.
Take it easy, my dear readers!

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One response to ““Xiah” – Xiah Junsu

  1. I wonder how Junsu, of all people, came up with the line “let me feel your naughtiness” or “stroke your body like an arpeggio” – I’ve never heard that one before.

    And I totally get what you’re saying about his voice. I want to say it sounds nasally, but it’s more like a whine.

    Nice change in layout! You should mess with the link colors and things. To spice it up 😀

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