I’m still alive, guys, and hard at work on my review for Shoko Nakagawa’s “Ray of Light.” You have to excuse my absence from the blog world. I have pooled all my time, energy, and creativity into studying for finals, specifically Algebra, which I most likely failed anyway. I am one of those people who can do anything… except math.




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5 responses to “I’M NOT DEAD

  1. None of us are officially *dead*, right, just catatonic… Glad you haven’t fallen off the face of the earth, in any case. I’ve also been too caught up in getting my personal life in order lately to be doing much blogging. Real lives are a necessary evil, I guess.
    Good luck with your studies. Hope to see us both back up and blogging soon.

  2. Eve

    I think we all could understand this :p I haven’t had much time to check out and download some music myself so let alone reviewing

  3. Lucky you, I used to be able to do math and nothing else. :/

  4. Jessica

    How did you do on your finals? Hopefully you passed and don’t have to take your math class again! Did your fiance have finals also?

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