Only the Best: The Top 5 Songs of 2010

Hold it, Alisa! 2010 isn’t even halfway over!

Yeah, I get that. But! In the nearly five months that we’ve been in this new year, new decade rather, some seriously great music has come out. I’ll be talking about it right now! Yay! These are my top five favorite songs that have come out this year.

#5 Sakurabito – Sunset Swish: This is the second ending theme for Bleach that this group has done, the first being the strangely African-sounding My Pace. Sakurabito is a beautiful ballad with intense, heartbreaking melodies and traditional sounds. Very beautiful. Its a little strange that such a spring oriented song came out in January, but I’m not complaining.

#4 Rain – SID: Yeah, this song hasn’t even come out in full yet. See how little I care? Rain is the fifth and final (I think) opening theme for Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood. I’m a big sucker for anime songs, ehehe. I think the reason why I have fallen head over heels for Rain is because of the breathtaking opening sequence from Brotherhood. If you haven’t seen it, WATCH it. The song just goes perfectly with the mood of the show. I’m going to cry my eyes out having to wait until June 2nd for the single. 😦

#3 GOLD – UVERworld: This song earns the number three slot from me simply because its so weird. It has about a thousand different beats and rhythms and takes a zillion different musical directions, but it works. So far, I’ve not seen anyone indifferent towards the song. Its either loved or hated. To me, its the third best UVERworld song after D-tecnolife and of course Colors of the Heart.

#2 Jealous – Jasmine: I am so impressed by Jasmine! She’s going to be a huge star in a couple years, I hope. Jealous is a relaxing yet powerful R&B tune. The vocals are fierce and sexy and I love every part of this song. There’s something regal about it.


#1 Kimi ni Furu Zetsubou no Ame – XodiacK: One word. “Duh.” This is visual kei, or galactic rock (whatever) at its best. I’ll miss this band.

Well, there’s my five! Comment me with yours! My next review will be Shoko Nakagawa’s Ray of Light. Seems like FMA Brotherhood themes are mandatory reviews for me. 🙂



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9 responses to “Only the Best: The Top 5 Songs of 2010

  1. keyinjpop

    I won’t put them in order but here are my fav 5 of 2010: Gackt’s Stay the Ride Alive because that song was epic, T.M.Revolution’s Imaginary Ark because Nishikawa goes solo again + Gundam, MISIA’s EDGE OF THIS WORLD because its ballad turn synthy, Yuya Matsushita’s YOU because it’s kick-ass, and ON/OFF’s Butterfly because the theme version sounds so promising.

  2. Hmmm… definitely a hard question XD. I went through my library for everything from 2010, and I’m gonna have to go with (in no particular order) Ayu’s Microphone, everything on Buono’s “We are Buono!” album, Tegomassu’s “super long title song” from their Tegomassu no Ai album, and BRIGHT’s “I Like It”. That’s four, I know, but Buono’s entire album will have to count for two lol.

  3. XD NEVER MIND- Just remembered, YUI’s GLORIA and Angela Aki’s Tegami single are definitely going to have to squeeze on to that crowded list. LOL. This is a good year in music for me =P

  4. … I’m actually having a hard time thinking of something. O.O
    All of the music that I’m listening too came out last year, or earlier >.>
    I think it’s time that I started looking for some newer tracks… any suggestions?

    • You should try UVERworld’s LAST album. I totally love it. Also give Jasmine’s music a listen. She’s got talent. It really depends on what genre you’re into though. Hope I was of some help!

  5. Eve

    Good selections! I never heard Uverworld’s album yet, though.

  6. Miss E

    I love these kinds of lists! =) Although I’m pretty sure my list is gonna change by tomorrow.
    Here are my Top 5 Singles (in no order):
    5. MiChi – All about the Girls ~Iijanka Party People~ (Her best song in a looong time)
    4. ROOKiEZ is PUNK’D – Complication (Lol this song isn’t even out yet but I don’t give a damn. It just sounds awesome!)
    3. THEATRE BROOK – Uragiri no Yuuyake (Rock at it’s finest)
    2. FictionJunction – Toki no Mukou Maboroshi no Sora (It’s Yuki Kajiura. Nuff’ said.)
    1. Yuya Matsushita – Trust Me (It’s slick, hot, and catchy as all hell)

    Lol looks like you’re not the only one who loves anime themes. =P

  7. Ok, here’s my top 5:
    MONKEY MAJIK – With you
    BoA – is this love
    BoA – Possibility

    And all my other favs just off the top of my head:
    the brilliant green – LIKE YESTERDAY
    abingdon school boys – From Dusk Til Dawn -INCH UP-, Kimi no Uta
    MiChi – All about the Girls ~Iijanka Party People~
    alan – Over the clouds
    Stereopony – Hanbunko
    T-ara – I’m Really Hurt
    2NE1 – Try to Follow/Copy Me

    I’m so mainstream huh? =P

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