At A Standstill

I’ve listened to Japanese music faithfully for about five years now, so I’ve learned that every year there comes a point when you’re not really getting any new music and instead you’re just sitting around waiting for stuff to release.

We’re at that point, kids.

Plus, its just been hectic lately. My laptop got stuck in a dreaded reboot loop last weekend, and we had to wipe the ENTIRE thing. I was heartbroken!

Right now, I’m patiently awaiting a leak of MEG’s Secret Adventure. Be anticipating that review as soon as I get my hands on the single.


P.S.- How much longer until that new Vanilla Beans single again…?



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5 responses to “At A Standstill

  1. Eve

    That’s true. The gap between releases is getting longer… but that means you have a break from reviewing right? 😀

  2. I think there is no single announced from Vanilla Beans, but there’s a mini-album if that makes ya feel better

  3. Really? I’m always so busy listening to recently new, somewhat new, last-year new, and hella-not new stuff that I never get a chance to “wait”, nor do I even get around to listening to everything I list-up. haha

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