“Last” – UVERworld

This is probably my favorite album cover from them!

01 – GOLD
02 – world LOST world
03 – Sparta
04 – Kokoro to Kokoro
05 – The truth
06 – Barrel
07 – Hai ! Mondaisaku
08 – Closed POKER
09 – Kanashimi wa Kitto (album ver.)
12 – Kimi no Mama
13 – GO-ON (2nd mix)

(My favorites are in bold)

The UVERworld boys are back after their last album, Awakeve, which left me with mixed and bittersweet feelings. Last is a much better album just because the tracks all feel legitimate, and not as rushed as those on Awakeve did. While its true that the album is lacking powerful, enduring classics like Colors of the Heart or D-tecnolife, its an incredibly strong release because each track is SOLID.

Review time!

Last contains the singles GO-ON, Kanashimi wa Kitto, and Gold. All three singles were great, with Gold being my favorite. I’ll admit that it took me some time to warm up to Gold because the song is so “busy.” There are about a zillion different rhythms. But UVERworld has this unique quality about their music, to where they can layer rhythms and melodies and the finished product is just great. GO-ON is also a great tune, a bit reminiscent of their older stuff, but something about its chorus got boring and didn’t seem to match the intensity of the verses. Kanashimi wa Kitto, being my least favorite of the singles from the era, drones on and on and on, but Takuya sounds lovely and his performance is quite emotional and genuine. I’m just not too huge on UVER-ballads. You know how it goes.

As for the album-only tracks, they are just awesome. Some of them are boring, as you’d expect a vast majority of album filler to be, but Sparta and Barrel specifically are good enough to be a-sides on a single. Sparta is a almost punk-rock-miliary-ish song and Barrel is like a mix of GO-ON and Gold. They’re both fun songs and don’t get boring.

In Conclusion: I’m just sad that this album dropped the same week as Ayu’s Rock ‘n Roll Circus. Its one of UVERworld’s better albums, but I know its totally being overlooked. But I loved it, and I hope others feel the same.




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2 responses to ““Last” – UVERworld

  1. … *looks around* No comments? O.o?

    Well I WILL COMMENT! >:D

    My love for all things UVER iced over when AwakEVE came and crushed my rock soul.

    Since then, I’ve been refusing to listen to anything UVER, even going as far as to be lazy enough NOT to watch PV’s (which I should at least do).

    If not for you and this blog, I probably would know nothing about their activity anymore. Still don’t think now is the time to listen to them again but, I’m willing to watch some PV’s so, that’s a start.

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