This Is Just Plain “Cruel”


I think I may be eating my words from this post. Yeah, yeah, I still think its cool that Beckii is enjoying herself with her career and entertaining her fortysomething year old perv fanbase, but enough is enough. If you’ve been keeping up with the Cruel Angels, as in reading the Beckii thread at Jpopmusic you’ll know that since Beckii’s popularity soared, a whole crop of girls calling themselves Cruel Girls have started posting their pathetic, talentless videos on YouTube in hopes of being just like Beckii.

New flash, girlies. Beckii, Sarah, and Gemma GOT LUCKY. We can’t all be Cruel Angels, mmmkay? Stop copying! I’m not about to sit here and watch an all-gaijin AKB48/MoMusu style unit get formed. Noooo sankyuu. That would be a “cruel” thing to do to the Japanese music industry. I’ll be excited when this cute-thin-gaijin-girls-jumping-around-on-Youtube fad goes down the toilet and we can all go back to reality.

Do I still love Beckii? As a person, yes. She’s still sweet and adorable as ever. But from a professional point of view, I want to smack her for creating this terrible monster.

Pointless/offensive rant is over.




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13 responses to “This Is Just Plain “Cruel”

  1. monochromeblues

    She didn’t create this “monster” though, there’s a label called “Life is so Cruel” that has been signing all of these girls up. They aren’t trying to rip Beckii off, they’re actually signed along with Beckii.

    • Whether or not they are rip-offs doesn’t change the fact that they annoy me to death. By the way, I lol’d the first time I heard of the label they’re signed to.

  2. Of course there’d be copy cats. I agree, 3 is enough T.T

  3. Lex

    Just so you know, I’m going to be a ~Cruel Angel~, too. Lex Cruel desu!!11!

    Seriously, these bitches are annoying. It’s all internet popularity and their single flopped so hard. Life is cruel, indeed.

  4. Sachie

    It’s not as bad as you say it is. D:<

  5. tsukinoai

    Can’t these girls just go die T_T

    I might follow their releases if Lex joins them though ;D

  6. I completely agreeeee ><"
    Beckii Cruel makes me want to shove a dagger into my head.

    • Bweh

      Please do. 🙂

      And the other girls are not “copying” anyone. Sarah and Gemma appeared at the same time as the others in the label, and Gemma wasn’t even supposed to be in Cruel Angels. Rebekah was. Don’t know what happened to that though. So they aren’t being “copied”. Half the girls in Cruel Girls were on Youtube before these two anyway.

      And there are a lot who are more talented, so look carefully for favorites. Mine is Johanna. Rebekah second. Then Katie for singing.
      There are people who deserve it in the group, but I agree not many of them do.
      Lets just hope the company wises up and pics the good ones next time, and maybe it wont flop.

  7. We already have HIMEKA. We don’t need these girls. 😡

  8. yumicakesbby

    I’m with you on that. 😀 Screw them. I do like Johanna but Whats the point of a bunch of gaijins getting the fame. I personally think we need more people like Crystal Kay and Jero. Blackies in JP.

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