“Jealous” – Jasmine

She's rocking the purple this time!

This single isn’t even out yet, so I can’t review the b-sides but here’s the cool thing: I DON’T CARE. I just heard this song yesterday for the first time and was like “yep, I’m totally blogging that.”

“Jealous” is the fourth single from Jasmine, who is being called the next Utada, the post-Utada, or whatever. I don’t see her as that. I just see her as Jasmine. What I like about Jasmine is that she has her own image without going over the top. People compare her style to GaGa, but who isn’t comparing EVERYONE to GaGa these days? I know I’m guilty of it sometimes…. But Jasmine’s not Utada, GaGa, or anyone else but Jasmine. I really like how she has a different color scheme for each of her singles, because its simple but noticeable.  I love her outfit, its so much better than the silly satan/jester getup from her last single, This is Not a Game.

Jealous is an absolutely powerful song, and my favorite from Jasmine so far. (Sad to Say made me want to jump off a building, jus’ sayin’.) Melody-wise, it reminds me of Nami Tamaki’s Omoide ni Naru No, only a much FIERCER version that would make Nami, well, jealous. The PV for the song is interesting because Jasmine doesn’t move or dance or anything. See the image at the top of this post? That’s the position she sits in for the entire PV.  I felt like this was excusable, because it further promoted the regal, seductive, man-stealer mood that I get from the song.

In Conclusion: Maybe I jumped the gun in reviewing this song before the single even drops, but I love it so much that I couldn’t wait. Please, give this song a try!



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5 responses to ““Jealous” – Jasmine

  1. I’ll think about it. 😛

    PS. Why isn’t this appearing on my RSS?

  2. Austen

    This song is genius. When I first heard I thought it was incredibly average, but something about just keeps me repeating the video on YouTube. I wish it would leak online already, lol. Her vocals are brilliant on the song too. Bring on the debut album. ❤


    • Austen

      Uh, wow, I can’t write today.

      * When I first heard it I thought it was incredibly average, but something about it just keeps me repeating the video on YouTube.

      • Hahaha. I didn’t like Jasmine at all until I heard this song. Then I went back and downloaded all her other singles except for Sad to Say. I can’t stand it, lol.

  3. God, I love this song to death. I really hope it sells better than her other singles. (: anyway, nice review! 😀

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