“GOLD” – UVERworld

I get Egyptian vibes from the cover

Before the review, just a bit of news! My Aquamarry album has shipped today, and that is NOT an April Fool’s joke. I am so pumped!

Okay, so this is UVERworld’s last single before their upcoming album. Honestly, I hate it when artists release singles in extremely close proximity to their albums because it feels rushed.

GOLD is a traditional UVERworld songs with a couple of unique spins put on it. There is some chanting, much like that from 99/100 blah blah blah but its in really awkward Engrish. Its something like “help yourself to fly, fly, make the boom, boom” or something really similar that just sounds wrong and stupid. As a big fan of Takuya’s voice and signature singing style, I was surprised to, for once, not find him to be the centerpiece of the song. The real treat to GOLD is the instrumentals, specifically the epic strings that come into play at some points. The arrangement is just a little sloppy but nothing unforgivable. This isn’t GO-ON for sure, and can’t even make a scratch in stuff like Colors of the Heart, but overall its a good listen for faithful fans of UVERworld.

Normally, UVERworld whips out b-sides that are at least halfway enjoyable, and no exception is made here. Change is like a mix of D-tecnolife and Shamrock; not as good as either but has some lovely harmony and classic UVERsounds. Closing out the single is the ballad Minori, a nice touch but nothing powerful or though-evoking. Takuya sounds nice framed by the piano, but I was bored before the song was halfway finished. You have to have patience and the right kind of mood to appreciate a song like that. But its very good if you’re trying to relax.

In Conclusion: Even though I prefer UVERworld’s older stuff, I recognize that all artists grow and change over the course of their careers. I was significantly impressed with GOLD and its b-sides. I loved the balance of the single and the quality of each track. I’m excited for the album, and crossing my fingers that its better than AwakEVE.




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3 responses to ““GOLD” – UVERworld

  1. *crosses fingers as well*

    I’m still not going to play this single.

  2. Pafiume

    This has nothing to do with the review, but I’m curious… Did the Aquamarry CD ever come??

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