Rock and Roll Circus = The Fame Monster?

Why is it that anything Ayumi Hamasaki does has to leak a zillion years in advance? Check out this preview of her PV for “Sexy Little Things,” a track from her upcoming album “Rock and Roll Circus.”

Ok, so you’ve got a really strange song, a bit of vocoder sprinkled on, strange costumes, and what appears to be a clone of the white room where Lady GaGa’s “Bad Romance” video was filmed. Riiiiight. How original. (rolls eyes) Why does this little clip give me the feeling that this will bomb harder than “NEXT LEVEL?” I’m going to sound terrible for saying this and being so blunt but: I AM SICK OF AYU!

Leave comments about this freakish video clip! Let’s talk about it.




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11 responses to “Rock and Roll Circus = The Fame Monster?

  1. Gaga also wore that thing at 0:12 in a concert :O Ayu… *glares*

  2. Eve

    This I going to bomb. HARD. But let’s not expect anything, lol.

  3. I am tired of people comparing Ayu to Gaga. This is not aimed at you specifically, but it’s got to stop. Just because Lady Gaga is a Really Big Deal in music right now does not mean everyone’s trying to copy her. Furthermore, Ayumi has been doing her own thing before Lady Gaga even existed in her present form.

    TL;DR – Oh, look. It’s THIS again.

    • I don’t entirely think she is copying her, but you have to notice that the influences are there.

      Seems like everybody is accused of copying somebody these days, huh?

      • Well, I just disagree with what you used as examples. I mean, a white room? Come on, honey. Lady Gaga did not invent the white room and I’m sure she isn’t the first to use one in a music video.

        Yeah. It’s getting to the point where enjoying the actual music is almost an afterthought, lol.

  4. Seems like Ayu’s on a strange road lately, though she’s not the only one; Namie recently changed again. Who can predict whether these changes will be good or bad for her?

    The first thing that got me was that the title of her new album shares a key word with an infamous blonde female American singer’s album… (is that too many adjectives?)

    While I didn’t *hate* NEXT LEVEL, I didn’t love it either. Too me though, while not all changes are good, they are necessary. I mean, we LOVE what Ayu and Namie have done in the past but, can we really expect them to keep doing that same thing for years and never get bored of it? (us and them getting bored of it)

    Change is part of life, as is it part of music. Let’s just hope for the best and keep an OPEN mind, ya?

  5. elfwitch

    i like her style, she always has interesting looks, but this whole mainstream thing she’s had going on to stay relevant just irks me. i’m hoping this is a step up from next level, but i won’t hold my breath.

    will you be reviewing this when it drops?

    • Absolutely. I’m looking forward to reviewing it. I predict its going to be somewhere in between NEXT LEVEL and GUILTY in terms of awesomeness. She can’t surpass Secret or I am…

  6. Chi

    I think Ayu’s album title is more of a reference to a particular Rolling Stones album. >___< But I don't really care cause I ♥ everything Ayu makes! ^____^

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