“7th Rose” – D

At least the cover is pretty

Being a loyal D fan, I kept up hope that this album would be surprisingly good, despite the lackluster singles. Since I do love D more than sliced bread and a few other food items, I don’t have the stomach to call this album “bad.” I can’t say its “good” either, and it would just be patronizing to call it “phenomenal.”

If you’re keeping up with Secret Garden (which you should! Its a brilliant blog!), you’ll know that lately, D has adopted more of a Versailles style. Can’t say I hate Versailles (the fact that most of their songs are, like, 9 minutes long is just a touch annoying but that’s another story…) but D should be D. This is why we fell in love with this band; because they had their own flavor. Now that flavor has just become stale.

7th Rose is a hot mess of Versailles/Malice Mizer/generic gothic rock cut-and-paste songs and a couple happy-go-lucky songs (Day by Day and Kaze ga Mekuru Page) that seem out of place altogether. Then you get tracks like Crimson Fish that drift in and out of the gothic and classic visual kei genres. I had no idea which direction  they were going with that song and I don’t even think the band knew either.

The only song which sounds remotely similar to the original D is Tightrope, the first single released since the previous album. I’ve called it a watered-down sister version to the outstanding pulse-pounding Nocturnal and I stand by that description. Another somewhat good track is 絡繰り絵巻, which is nice for about two listens and then is quickly forgotten.

As with several other D albums, 7th Rose contains plenty of barbaric growling and whatnot, but its emotionless and almost robotic, if that’s possible. The problem with the album is that the tracks don’t build tension like some of the better D songs. They are flat-lined from the start and you get plain bored. I didn’t listen to most of the tracks in their entirety because they evoked no response in me, other than yawning. Older D songs used to quicken my pulse and make me unconsciously clench my fist from the power of the songs.

In Conclusion: Spare yourself the heartache and pick up a copy of Genetic World instead. Perhaps you can find some gems in this album, but its more a matter of personal taste than actual quality. I felt that this album was weak and makes D as a band seem like a worn-out concept. Here is hoping they take a small hiatus and reflect on their true image instead of desperately clinging to that of other bands.




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6 responses to ““7th Rose” – D

  1. This is completely un-D related but- Are you on last.fm?

  2. Eve

    Congrats on the feature in Inter Wota! You really are doing a great job on exposing new artists to the J-pop and blog spheres!

  3. Hmm. Sorry to hear that, in the end, you were so disappointed by the album. I do believe that as fans of the band, however, it’s important not to label and judge them so strongly with the slightest change in direction. A lot of Visual Kei as a whole seems sort of transitional right now, with plenty of changes taking place for a lot of bands, and tons of experimentation going on. Just because this is the look and style that the band has adopted for this particular release/tour/era, does not necessarily mean that they have completely “gone over” to Versailles-ism. Bands have ups and downs, and this may just not be a “peak” for them.
    Actually, although there are a lot of aspects to “7th Rose” (ref. the song) that feel completely confused, misplaced, and just plain bizarre (the entire PV aside, which should never have been made), I’ve started to pick out some redeeming qualities to the song, and in actuality, it’s a lot better than I first concluded.
    Thanks for putting up your review so promptly (man, that was fast!), and also, thanks for the tip of the hat in my direction. Much appreciated!

  4. Alessandro

    Well, I love D and i really think this new album is simply outstanding… completely diferent from the old D style, but since they started to play with 7 strings guitar (that´s mean, a lower tune) their songs became much darker and heavier… ass well the production is more “dry”… well, I still love D, I don´t think that their music is becoming similar to Versailles, for me is a different style… but i think that Versaiiles and D are the best jrock bands in the world.

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