“Nude Lumiere” – Dahlia

The content is just as classy as the cover

Do you ever have days where you just feel plain ugly? I mean, those kind of days when you feel like EVERYONE else is better than you in every way? This album helps to quell those little falters in self-esteem, or at least it does for me.

“Nude Lumiere” by electropop unit Dahlia was produced by Jeereen Lee from the ah-may-zeeng Korean lounge group Humming Urban Stereo. This explains the outstanding chill vibes and classy sounds in the album, but the whispering melodies provided by vocalist Kaori sets this apart from the rest of Humming Urban’s work.

I’ve been listening to this album a TON lately, and it really does make me feel like I’m that typical mystery woman in a 1940s nightclub. The songs are all a great tribute to those early days, when sensuality was more than just hyper-sexualized women gyrating over the back of a Range Rover. The best songs on the album are the seductive tango Fetish ~piel~, and Little Black Dress, the perfect song for getting ready for the perfect date. Lotus has some brilliant piano and is a great tune for an early evening drive.

This album is not without its flaws. It, like most episodes of Family Guy, starts out great but loses its thunder by the end. (Sorry, almighty Seth MacFarlane.) The final two tracks, Smoke and Hey Baby feel like they don’t even belong among the others. I would advise you just skip them.

In Conclusion: The vintage flair added to the modern lounge sound of “Nude Lumiere” makes it a great listen. As I stated earlier, it makes my poor self-esteem a little better because this is the kind of music that makes you (at least) feel attractive.

Listen to Little Black Dress on my favorite Youtube channel, Aleceil! Let me know what you think!




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2 responses to ““Nude Lumiere” – Dahlia

  1. Thank you once again for featuring me on your blog. ♥♥ Early on Dahlia was upbeat and cutesy, comparable to early capsule and even Nagisa Cosmetic. Though that is because they all started as a brand of Contemode. Eventually Dahlia moved on to a different brand genre style that is striking with HUS (and rightfully so with Jeereen Lee).

    At first I didn’t know too much about Dahlia’s recent albums, but I had listened to her earlier tracks, and decided to take a gamble and ended up buying the CD. I definitely do not regret it (even though when I recieved it through mail, the pins holding the CD were broken.. ). And what you see now uploaded on to my channel is the result.

    As for the album itself, Kaori’s voice I think helps the tone amazingly. You get the feeling of a retro martini bar, with Kaori’s voice following that of a seductress. Her song ‘Little Black Dress’ is one of my favorites on my channel. Because I really could feel this song playing in my head, putting on that little black dress before a night out. It just works wonders for imagery, and it’s quite soothing.

    I decided to write the lyrics up quick and wanted to post them here on your blog especially. Thank you once again for featuring me! I look forward to more wonderful posts. ♥♥


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