Ohhhhhh, Spring!

My favorite season of all is here, bringing all manner of flora and fauna, as well as the Japanese music scene, back to life. Seems like all good things come in the spring; warmer temperatures, lifted spirits, and some of the year’s best music. Let’s take a moment to talk about this Spring’s releases that I’m most excited about!

First we have Ai Otsuka’s Zokkondition/Lucky Star. Ai has always been a favorite artist of mine but ever since her last “actual” album, Love Letter, her stuff has just been hit or miss for me. I predict this single is going to fare about as well as Ai’s other recent stuff, which is not too hot. The covers for the single are either loved or hated, no gray area here. Both PVs are wacky in their own right. Lucky Star is like a pseudo-GaGa acid trip, and Zokkondition has Ai adopting another hideous blonde wig reminiscent of AisuxTime’s PV. As for the songs, Lucky Star is great but Zokkondition makes me want to hurl a Piplup like a javelin. (OMG, Alisa, how could you hurt a Piplup!?) Her vocals are plain terrible and I hope I never hear that song again. Seriously. Lucky Star should have been the leading A-side, not this junk that makes me want to go jam out to Beckii Cruel’s Danjo instead.

Popular Visual-Kei band D is in full bloom with their newest album 7th Rose, which drops next week. If you read my earlier post about this, then you’ll know that I am skeptical of the album’s quality based on the tracks available at this point. Just let me say that this is the review I am most excited about doing, and part of me expects to be pleasantly surprised by the album. Let’s hope..

Another release everybody’s talking about is Perfume’s Natural Ni Koishite, their first release since the hit album Triangle. I’m loving this song because its sounds like Spring! Its poppy and fizzy and sugary! This song is like drinking a very fresh can of soda. Its not on the level of Night Flight, but its great in its own right and the PV is sweet and simplistic. I’m looking forward to the b-side because Perfume can usually crank out some good ones. (23:30!? Edge!?)

Last thing I want to talk about is the upcoming release from my favorite duo ever, Vanilla Beans! Witch Hunting, (title subject to change) won’t be here until May but I’m beyond excited. It seems as though Vanilla Beans are gaining popularity, as they have recently appeared in a CM for a Japanese deodorant. I haven’t heard any other news about the single other than the expected release date, so I have no idea what its going to be like, but I can only hope it is awesome!

These are the releases I’m most pumped about this Spring! What are yours?

Peace, Love, and Spinarak Webs,


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5 responses to “Ohhhhhh, Spring!

  1. Yup! I’m looking forward to lots of the same releases! ^_^b

    Oh, and where do you find this info? I usually check Amazon and artists’ official pages but sometimes they’re really slow in updating so I don’t find out about things until very soon to release. =/

    Thanks for your comment by the way!

  2. Miss E

    Oooh I’m looking forward to Perfume’s new single too! But I’m still a bit iffy on Ai Otsuka’s single though. I haven’t liked any of her stuff since Kurage, Nagareboshi.

    My most pumped up releases for Spring are:
    – school food punishment – amp-reflection (with all of their awesomesauce singles, the album sounds like it’s gonna be epic!)
    – Kalafina – Red Moon (Everything Kalafina does is simply gorgeous, and this album is no exception)
    – Miho Fukuhara – Mirai/Moshikashite (Miho never releases a bad single. EVER.)

    I’m also looking forward to Nana Mizuki’s and Yuya Matsushita’s singles too. Sorry for making this such a long ass comment! =P

  3. sfp album ichi FTW! =D

    I became an Otsuka fan around her LOVE PIECE album. Though I enjoyed LOVE LETTER, everything since then has been met with mixed emotions. Her recent Best album was a stinky pile of lazy crap (sry sakura-san). I’m really hoping she turns herself around.

    I can’t say I follow releases much, as I don’t read forums anymore. I did hear a rumor about BoA returning to Korean. That would be FANTASTIC!!

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