Let’s Talk About D..

Another post where I could be reviewing e.via and her amazing speed rap, but my loyalty goes to a favorite band of mine, D. With their next album, 7th Rose getting closer and closer to releasing, I felt like talking about how I think the album will fare. In my opinion, this will not hold a candle to Genetic World.

“Why?” you ask. Because it seems to me that their performance has become increasingly sloppy over the last few singles. “Tightrope” was highly anticipated, but it failed to meet my expectations. It was average and like a watered-down rendition of “Nocturnal.” (their best song to date, in my opinion) Then along came the upbeat mess “Day by Day.” I respect D trying a less hard sound but they were meant to be threatening. Asagi has a powerful voice that best conveys anger, hate, or pain. He’s not the happy-go-lucky skips-in-the-field-of-daisies kind of artist.  He sounded weak and strained in “Day by Day” and the melody was forgettable. Another upbeat sound is present in the most recent single “Kaze Ga Mekuru Ketsu.” While the uplifting sound is more convincing here, the melody takes some interesting turns, and Asagi’s vocals are somewhat improved, it is a shame to call this the strongest single on 7th Rose when you compare it to an earlier work like “Yami no Kuni no Alice.” Finally, the titular track for the album, “7th Rose” is your average run-of-the-mill cranked-out-in-thirty-minutes Visual Kei jam. Asagi does some screaming and lovely falsetto, but the song is so sadly forgettable….

I anticipate seeing where 7th Rose will wind up on the Oricon charts when it drops. As a fan of D, I hate admitting that their sound is getting a little stale but it happens to all great artists. I’ve even gotten bored with GACKT at times too, so its all okay.




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4 responses to “Let’s Talk About D..

  1. Yep…There goes the best stereotypical hardcore Gothic J-band trying to become the next (angsty) Versailles PQ. I’m really supportive, generally, of bands trying new sounds, styles, and looks (and some have been considerable changes in the past two years), but this 7th Rose thing…These happy-go-lucky songs… I don’t know, I guess you can’t judge a book by its cover, nor can you judge an album by its title song. I hope.
    By the way, just a note– the single is actually “Kaze ga Mekuru Page”, they just wrote the English word in Kanji instead of katakana.

    Take it easy!

    • Thanks for correcting me on the song title. I’ll change it in iTunes now. I’m so picky about my song titles being right, so I appreciate it.

      I understand what you mean, though. I won’t judge the album until I listen to it completely, maybe twice over. Then I’ll be doing a review! Visual Kei stuff is my favorite to write about.

  2. tsukinoai

    I was burnt out by D a long time ago =/

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