I Forsee Much Procrastination…

Ohhh crap.

I’m innocent! Blame my fiance for this! It is his fault if this holy grail of video gaming causes any absences from the blog world.

I’ll try to get to work on that e.via review… just as soon as I get my Spinarak up another level…



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6 responses to “I Forsee Much Procrastination…

  1. Haven’t played Pokemon since Crystal. Got defeating in a local tournament by a 10 year old and never touched the game again.

    PS. I love you tags!

  2. Miss E

    If it makes you feel any better, I also got the game and now as a result, my grades are gonna SUFFER. XD

  3. tsukinoai

    haha yeah.. really excited

  4. Oh Gawd, I really need that. >.< I still have the old-school one for gameboy stashed somewhere in my closet.

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