“Nicola” – Vanilla Beans

Halloooooo, Shibuya Kei!

First, a shameless plug for one of my favorite Youtube channels! Aleceil posts all kinds of easy listening music that is so incredibly hard to find. I very much appreciate this person’s contribution to making my ears happy. Please check out the channel. Its excellent.

Shibuya-Kei, Picopop, Bossa Nova, and the like are complicated genres because not many people listen to or enjoy them. These styles of music and the images of the people who perform in them remind me of the kind of pop that the 1960s had, only with a modern spin. Vanilla Beans is what is called a “post-Shibuya-Kei” duo. Much like I said with Xodiack’s claim of being a “galactic rock” band, I have no idea what this means, but its good listening. Review time!

Track 1: Nicola- Listen to the track here at Aleceil’s channel!

Like with traditional easy listening music, “Nicola” has soft instruments and equally soft voices. The girls have a great amount of harmony when their voices blend and its so pleasing on the ears. The thing I could best compare this song to is a spring breeze. Its beautiful and light and has a little bit of a pleasant chill to it. Please listen to this song and let me know what it reminds you of!

Track 2: Nostalgy- Well. This is one long ballad. The beginning sounds like a song a kid would sing in their Bible School class. It has some very nice strings in it which are slower and a nice compliment to the lighthearted strings in “Nicola”, but the girls sound awkward and forced. They really do sound like those kids at Bible School who are tone deaf and really don’t want to sing in the first place. I know I’m running wild with this Bible School analogy but that’s just how I felt.

In Conclusion: “Nicola” is the perfect song for this time of year when the flowers are starting to poke up out of the ground and the entire world is regaining life. “Nostalgy” makes me want to hide under the covers and sleep. Perhaps the groundhog listened to “Nostalgy” before he went outside and saw his shadow. Yes, that’s it. We can blame “Nostalgy” for causing six more weeks of Winter, as this makes perfect sense.

All sarcasm aside, you should give “Nicola” a listen, as well as some of the the songs by this group, particularly “U Love Me” and “Shopping Kirari.” Enjoy!




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4 responses to ““Nicola” – Vanilla Beans

  1. Love love love “Nicola”! It reminds me of later Pizzicato Five.

  2. Sounds like a mix of HALCALI and Angela Aki? …or not.

    Neither song does much for me though. Gomen sakura-chan. :/

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