“Lonely Lonely Lonely” – Saori@Destiny

Hey, guys, don’t lynch me or anything but I never listened to very much Saori@Destiny. I mean, I have a couple tracks from “Japanese Chaos” that I listen to once in a blue moon but that’s really it. Also, for the longest time, I kept getting Saori and SAWA confused. (ducks and covers) PLEASE DON’T HURT ME!!! Anyway, with the release of “Ethnic Planet Survival” and now “Lonely Lonely Lonely” my interest in Saori has been piqued. 🙂

Track 1: Lonely Lonely Lonely- This song is wild. I don’t even know what to call it. When it starts, it sounds like its going to be some kind of crazy rap song. Its slow but has a nice beat and some addicting synth. Saori’s vocals are sound like she’s floating on water, she sounds positively elegant against the heavy techno background noises. There’s also a lovely touch of piano in places. Overall, this song is polished but it takes a certain kind of unique taste to fully appreciate it.

Track 2: Sympa-This song is a lot of fun. Its bouncy and has a catchy beat and is a little but faster than “Lonely Lonely Lonely.” Its a good contrast to the A-side. I wouldn’t listen to this one regularly because it does have that “generic b-side” feel. Its cute though.

Track 3: Breathe Breathe Breathing- Okay, why does this song remind me of Super Mario 64…? Does anybody want to venture I guess because I have clue.  I like this a lot better than “Sympa.” Its put together nicely and has some synth in it unlike any I’ve ever heard before.

Track 4: Stainless Starlight- Um… Does anybody not like this song? I’m not big on the vocals here but the instrumentals are great.

In Conclusion: I thought this single was moderately good. I’m still not a big Saori fan, more like a casual listener, but I’m warming up. And that’s a start.




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3 responses to ““Lonely Lonely Lonely” – Saori@Destiny

  1. cosmictone

    Just in case you didn’t know, the last two tracks are recut from her last albums (LLL was a limited single, so those tracks were more like, “oh, well, if you liked these new songs, maybe you might like these”!).

    Sympa is my favorite! ♥

    You can hear a few previews of her new album on her myspace. It sounds wild!

  2. I love your blog. It’s such a unique subject for someone to cover, especially someone who is working toward the translation field! Thanks for putting some cool Japanese artists on my radar!

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