“Tsubasa wo Kudasai” – Beckii Cruel feat. Cruel Angels

Leave Beckii Alone!!! SHE'S A HUMAN!!! (lol)

Long story short, Beckii Cruel is a fourteen year old British girl who somehow gained Youtube stardom and a record deal in Japan by dancing badly to J-pop tunes. She released a steaming pile of dog crap called “Danjo” and then two other random girls, Sarah and Gemma, got plopped in with her to release this single called “Tsubasa wo Kudasai.”

Track 1- Tsubasa wo Kudasai: In typical idol fashion, a somewhat decent song gets trashed by zero talent and zero charisma. The vocals are okay for the most part, but it gets annoying after just one listen.

Track 2- Tsuki no Kakera: I think it takes a really really good song to show someone’s limitations. Haters back off, this song is great. I mean, the melody is great, at least. The vocals are horrible and the dancing is plain awkward but the song is outstanding. I think that this song should be re-recorded and released by a group with actual talent. (AHEM AHEM PERFUME COUGH HACK)

In Conclusion: I know this is going to sound insensitive but you know its true. The secret to Beckii Cruel’s enormous popularity in Japan comes from this simple formula.

Underage girl + Dancing in costumes = Happy Japanese Pervs

Just you wait. I predict a whole crop of hentai popping up showing girls wearing Beckii’s trademark fuzzy earmuffs.

There’s really no other way to explain it. Beckii (and the other girls) can’t sing, can’t dance, and probably can’t retain any Japanese more complex than “arigatou.” Japanese spoken with a heavy British accent is just awful. I’m not going to judge though. I’m from the boondocks of Kentucky. I’m pretty sure my Japanese doesn’t sound too hot either. Just sayin’.

After this biting review, you would get the impression that I want to rip Beckii and the other Cruel Angels to shreds. This is simply untrue. I think that they are having a lot of fun and what they do makes them happy. I would never want to discourage someone from following their dream, even if they suck terribly at it. (which they do, to be frank) Plus, if you’ve ever seen Beckii’s Youtube videos, then you understand how her spirit and personality wins you over immediately. She seems like the sweetest girl.

So, I’ll be keeping up with Beckii and the Angels. At least until they become “legal” and Japan suddenly doesn’t want them anymore.




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28 responses to ““Tsubasa wo Kudasai” – Beckii Cruel feat. Cruel Angels

  1. cosmictone

    lmao Beckii

  2. LOL! I wonder why they would pick the world “Cruel” to add to their names, and why they would do so redundantly twice over… ?

    I agree with what you said about following your dreams. Young people should NEVER be discouraged to pursue something- even the most craziest of things. To deny a child to dream is just plain wrong, and to hold them back is even worse. Even those who fail in pursuit can find happiness in their achievement along the way; each new milestone can always be a cherished memory.

    As for the Britts in Nippon, I’m sure you’ve heard of the greatness that in MiChi. Also, there are a few other white-skinned gals, including HIMEKA (which I haven’t heard anything from since her first single…). I’ll leave it at that, since I don’t follow any of them.

    PS. I must be in a rather cheerful mood today as is reflected in my writing style. Hmm…how peculiar…

    • I also think you are mature for saying so (the part about dreams I mean).

      Sorry, I accidentally left out this thought as the others above flooded my otherwise meager gajin mind. 😛

      • Hey, its cool. I’m glad you’re so enthusiastic about my posts. It makes me feel even more compelled to write!

        I think people who hate on people like Beckii and Leah Dizon are just jealous. I don’t think you should hate people because you don’t like their music or image or whatever. I believe that there is no truly “bad” music in the world, only music that we either like, dislike or are indifferent to. I hope that makes sense..

        • “I believe that there is no truly “bad” music in the world, only music that we either like, dislike or are indifferent to.”

          Since music is a highly personal journey, I cannot agree with you more.

          People who “hate” on others for what they do are either immature, ignorant, or both. Who are you to naysay upon another person’s dream?

          Even if you think a person is “bad” or “sucks” at what they do, AT LEAST THEY ARE DOING IT. I hate it when people rag on others and they spend all their time on the couch doing nothing. Piss off!

  3. Fun don’t make good music >:C

  4. Hehe. Funny, entertaining review…

  5. tsukinoai

    If you don’t want to rip them to shreds, then I will =]
    nice review!

  6. Not hating, but I seriously thought that the girl in the back with the blue arm decorations was Thane Camus (famous American-born personality in Japan… who is also a guy).

    I have to be honest with you… I’m a little afraid to listen to this single.

  7. desshou

    Haha, you always give such fun reviews !
    I’m not sure how popular this girl actually is in Japan. The only time I’ve heard of her was through my co-worker friend: his self-interest in music seems to span from Morning Musume, to HIMEKA and just recently BRIGHT. Maybe only he doesn’t get the pattern here… But yeah, I think this girl’s popularity’s range, like you said, it’s very specific = Jap pervs

    Aside from that, let them “dream” and entertain… Maybe along the way they can save some bucks, or yen, and hopefully save other things too.
    I feel so mean now >__>

    • Its not mean, its true! She’ll make money by being an object of affection for middle-aged men who live with their mothers and be able to save up for university! Its a win-win situation.

  8. Personally I like the song but not the singing. I’m not interested in two of the three girls in the slightest but Gemma Cruel is a bit of a guilty pleasure. Mainly due to having a really squeeky speaking voice. It’s cute and I’m male so…

    Hopefully at the very least they’ll enjoy this adventure and make a few yen. It’s a pretty unique and amazing thing to have happen so I wish them the best. Even by pop standards it’s candy floss entertainment though. Not always a bad thing but it doesn’t exactly fill me.

    I don’t want to be cruel (no pun intended) but I do wonder how they chose these girls. The one on the left isn’t exactly…idol standard when it comes to looks.

  9. hehe, I’ve also been pretty critical when it comes to Beckii, but in the end, isn’t it just fascinating to see her thrive in the Japanese industry? The things wota can fall heads over heels for. I do agree with you on her spirit though, she certainly seems adorable on her Youtube channel 🙂

    • “Fascinating” is exactly what it is! Seems Japan is letting anyone in it’s doors lately. It wasn’t anything like this before. Today there are a wide range or mixed and non-Japanese singers.

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  11. MY MISA AMANE IS WAY BETTER THEN THEM SHE CAN BE BETTER AND WILL BE BETTER THAN…THEY SUCK! to be frank they didn’t appeal to me when i 1st saw and heard of them!

  12. Juju

    They’re called the Cruel Angels because they ripped it off an anime called Neon Genesis Evangelion. the theme song’s “Cruel Angel’s Thesis.”

  13. BetsyFriday

    I know this is gonna sound biased, because I’ve spoken to Beckii and she’s a nice person and understands the negative side of what she does (E.g: Japanese pervs…Eww.), but surely the Cruel Angels are a good thing? Okay – So maybe they aren’t so talented, but doesn’t it show the Japanese companies that there is a fanbase for their music and their anime and cosplay over here in the UK and in America and what-not? Who knows? These girls didn’t rise to ‘fame’ for singing – It was because of their dancing, which I have to say, isn’t so bad.

  14. Kappa-san

    Beckii can’t sing. I attend to a school where you have to like audition before you get in. They test your feeling for music and we train singing an hour everyday, so I know what I’m talking about! She doesn’t have any talent at all!! I think she should work with TV instead, like a talkshow or something , she has got so much happy energy that is wasted on terrible singing!! :O
    She’s adorable, but I’ve seen people who dance better than her without attending dance lessons…

  15. I don’t hate her it’s just I can’t understand how she got a contract out of all the talented dancers on YouTube, it encourages me to dance more into J-Pop and K-Pop and get my chance though she’s like 2 years younger than me

  16. yumicakesbby

    Right. I’m with NyNy.
    When it all started I was very pissy and I did begin to hate her but when I met her I felt like. . . She’s seriously not worth the hate. Look at her. Now she sits around on her second youtube channel begging people that even if they dislike her horrible singing,to consider buying her albums. (She’s somewhat cute to me. But. . . I dunno. . . .)
    And don’t get me wrong. I don’t see much improvement in her from when she started dancing until now other than. . . Her chest which she pokes out while doing ‘YAH~!” but other than that she seriously isn’t of much interest to me. I am keeping tabs on her but in the same I liked her before the fame hit her and made her think she was full of herself. I loved the Beckii before who LOVED her fans and not the dollar signs. Now I just plain dislike her as much as my fiancee’s ex. It’s quite sad.
    I am blasian. Her japanese disgusts me. I understand that she likes Japan but she could at least taken the time to learn it. She looked kinda dumb in the photo shoot not even understanding that the man told her she’s Cute in japanese. . .
    But eh. I predict she will be down the drain before we all know it when an even better idol pops up and steals her spotlight.

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