I’ve Stressed Myself To Pieces

I think that because I’m still new to blogging, I have tried to hard to organize and plan and junk. So, from now on I’m not going to be scheduling my reviews. I think that has kept me from wanting to do them, haha. Writing needs to have a certain degree of spontaneity that I feel I have ignored.

By the way, I’m dropping the entire filler showcase idea. Maybe I’ll do it some other time.

Sorry I fail so hardcore at this. I promise I’ll get on track.




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2 responses to “I’ve Stressed Myself To Pieces

  1. Eve

    lol, I suck with following an “upcoming reviews” list as well! =D

  2. hahaha. Ironically, making “to-do” lists for oneself often leads to internal rebellion or procrastination.

    As writing can be an artistic pursuit, your assumptions about spontaneity are correct.

    In English: I agree Sakura-chan! Great idea! lol.

    Since you spelled your honesty out for us, I’ll let you in on a secret…
    If you’ve ever visited my RUIDO page (http://forthefuturety.wordpress.com/music), you would notice a giant black box at the top of my Artist List. What is it doing there? Yes, quite curious is such a blackened space…
    Well, truth be told, I wanted to emulate Lex’s Beyond The Sea page, adding pictures of Artists. However, there are just so many that I’ve been too lazy to complete (or even start) the project. haha. That was over a year ago…

    Here’s an idea: Perhaps you can practically prep. your precognitive for a pretty perfect Year End Review. 🙂 Everyone’s doing it. (LOL). You don’t just have to showcase 2010- make it your own. ^_^

    Best of Luck to you! Gambatte!

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