“Gloria” – YUI

I'm pretty sure this is the closest we're going to get to seeing her smile.

Moody rawk star YUI is back after her wishy-washy double A-side “It’s All Too Much/Never Say Die!” I love this girl to death, but her image annoys the crapzorz out of me. It’s like “seriously! Stop brooding so much and smile, dang it!”

Track 1: Gloria- This song is so cute. I love the “ah ah ah ah ah aaaaaah” parts. YUI’s angelic voice works very nicely and the guitar is very pretty. Its a very pretty and inspirational winter song. I gotta say, I hate winter but I love winter-themed songs,

Track 2: Muffler- What is it with YUI and her B-sides? First we get “Sea” and now this! This song is perfectly cozy, and the guitar strangely reminds me of the kind of music they play on The Weather Channel when the Local Forecast comes on. If you have no clue what I’m talking about, forgive me! (covers head) This is a sweet song and a great complement to “Gloria.”

Track 3: It’s All Too Much (YUI Acoustic Version)- Personally, I found the original version of this song to be mediocre. This version is just a bit better, but still doesn’t evoke any kind of emotion in me.

(the single also contains an instrumental of “Gloria”)

In Conclusion: YUI forever! I think this single was a strong release. Not as strong as “Again” but I’m biased because of the Fullmetal tie-in, lol.

Reader Question!!!! What’s your favorite YUI song? Comment here!



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5 responses to ““Gloria” – YUI

  1. monochromeblues

    Well, I’ve only heard this single by her…so I’d have to say Muffler is my favorite YUI song! It’s so warm and inviting. ❤

  2. Hmmmm…. I would have to say either CHE.R.RY or Sea.

  3. tsukinoai

    mm I would have to say “I remember you” and “I feel my soul” are my favorites. They’re just classic.

  4. *calms down* Just reading this made me so excited! haha XD

    I’m still a big YUI fan as she’s my NUMBER ONE! haha ❤ ❤ ❤

    This is such a strong single and, yes, I'm happy to see "moody rawk YUI" take a break and let "professional acoustic YUI" do her thing. ^____________________^

    YUI Forever!!!

  5. As of now, GLORIA, because her musical expression is the best here (the melody is also quite nice). My favourite is actually Rolling Star though…fun song. XD

    – Tsuki

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