“Sweet Black” – Maki Goto

Say what you want, this crazy Pocahontas cover is the bomb!

Gocchin! I love this girl. Not only is she the most beautiful woman on Earth, but she’s a great artist too. Shame she just lost her mother. That really saddened me.

Track 1: Queen Bee (with Bigga Raiji) – Maki is indeed the Queen Bee! This song is a thumping, bling-toting kind of cruising beat! Unfortunately, Maki is accompanied by Bigga Raiji, who, if you couldn’t guess, is a very large man with an even larger voice. Seriously, who is this guy? I love this song, but he is so goofy sounding that I can’t take it seriously.

Track 2: Lady Rise- Oh Em Gee, yes! This song isn’t too long but its unbelievably sexy and catchy. Oh, and the PV is amazing. Maybe Maki does look like a dominatrix, but she is so beautiful. Loads of fun to watch AND listen to!

Track 3: Candy- When this album came out, this song got some mixed reviews. I think it is just an okay song. Its got an addicting beat and amazing vocals on the verses but the chorus is really awkward.

Track 4: Tear Drops (with KG)- It took a couple of listens for me to like this song. Maki and KG sound really nice together but Gocchin’s still the star. I love the instrumentals and the chorus of this song. Its reminiscent of Maki’s earlier song “Secret” which was another ballad that I adored.

Track 5: Mine (with Ken the 390)- Here we have the only track on this album that I disliked. This is like a sped-up, crapped up version of “Candy.” Ugh, the instrumentals are a mess and Maki has again plopped in a generic rapper who contributes nothing but lulz. Skip skip skip!

Track 6: Fly Away- This was Maki’s first Sweet Black song. In the verses, it seems to borrow elements from Koda Kumi’s “Taboo.” (dies from adoration of aforementioned song) The verses are dark and robotic while the choruses are uplifting and driven by some amazing piano. Best track on the album, hands down.

Track 7: Plastic Lover- I liked this song quite a bit, but its length is a bit excessive. Its got a lot of 80s styled synth and Maki sounds good.

Track 8: with…- I normally hate ballads but I love Maki ballads. This song is the epitome of bittersweet. It makes me sad and happy at the same time. The vocals are simple but the emotion within them seems genuine. Love it.

In Conclusion: I would recommend “Sweet Black” to anyone who likes mainstream music. Just about all of the tracks are well polished and catchy but there isn’t much that makes them unique. I’m glad to see Maki has grown up but remains classy as ever.




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2 responses to ““Sweet Black” – Maki Goto

  1. Eve

    Don’t worry about being inactive for a few days. You’re doing a much better job than when I started out! (I used to write like three reviews a month). Anyways, great review with Maki Goto! I like how you format your reviews!

  2. Queen Bee is def. the best song on the album next to Candy and Fly Away. I’m afraid I don’t like the other songs.

    New post on C-ute by the way:

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