“Alice” – immi

Dream, Dreamin' Alice in Wonderland

“Alice” is the newest EP by rising electronica star immi. As suggested by the title as well as the cover, the titular track is all about Alice is Wonderland. After her excellent previous EP, “WONDER,”  immi shows that she has not lost any thunder and she can continue to impress. Review is now!

Track 1: Alice- Lewis Caroll would be proud. “Alice” captures the trippy dreamlike world created by the Alice stories. The techno, almost-industrial sound is very heavy and overtakes immi’s voice at times, but this song is too good to worry about that. There are some elements of the song that sound like “WONDER,” but Alice is overall much harder. In the mood to do the robot? Turn this song on. LOUD.

Track 2: Parallel Lines- This song is very electronic sounding, but much more relaxed than “Alice.” The vocals are cute, especially the “la la la” parts and the chorus is like something from an “Ultra Blue” era Utada song.

Track 3: Fell in Love With a Girl- This song is an incredibly short cover of a White Stripes song. I’ve never heard the original so I can’t make a comparison, but immi’s version is quite good. Its fast-paced, and has an 80s revival sound and beat. Oh, and there’s a little sound effect in there that sounds just like when the dog laughs at you on the game “Duck Hunt.” Anybody remember that game?

Track 4: Crazy Cat (The Shoes Remix)- I’m not feeling this song. Its terribly long and sounds messy. I’ll skip it.

Track 5: Alice (RimmiX)- This is a slightly longer version of “Alice” with a different twist on the original. Its draggy and less hard and goes on forever without doing anything jaw-dropping. Stick with the original if you want something that’s going to wow you.

In Conclusion: The last two releases by immi have been great. She hasn’t put anything out for quite a while, so I can only hope that she is working on something that can top this EP. “Alice” and most of its other tracks are a load of fun. Highly recommended!


Want more electronica? Stay tuned for my review of Perfume’s “Triangle!” Coming tomorrow! Don’t forget the request section is open if there’s something you’d like me to write about!



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2 responses to ““Alice” – immi

  1. Ashen Twilight

    Parallel Lines is like my favorite immi song ever. Who knew techno could be emotional?

  2. Considering the original Fell In Love With A Girl is, like, half a minute shorter than immi’s cover, it’s good to see she extended it. That song is amazing, as is the a-side.

    Also, I think she’s working on an album now… She’s said she’s recording one somewhere.

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