“Stay the Ride Alive” – GACKT

This is my favorite edition of the cover!

*Hyperventilates* Gackt is my favorite artist. Ever. Period. I am thrilled to be doing this review.

“Stay the Ride Alive” is the third installment is Gackt’s “Decade” series of songs, made for Kamen Rider. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Kamen Rider, its the Japanese equivalent of Power Rangers. Plus motorcycles. Sort of.

The theme of the song is “eien” or “forever/eternity,” which leads me to believe that this is the final installment in the Decade series. Who knows!

Track 1: Stay the Ride Alive- Ignore the Engrish title, please. This song is amazing. It begins with a catchy guitar riff which sounds a lot like the sound of a motorcycle revving and there are some heartfelt strings which grow increasingly powerful as the song progresses. Gackt’s aged voice is apparent here but its not disastrous for the most part. (until the end when he lets out a squeal on the word “alive,” which kind of kills the song’s aura.) This is a triumphant and inspiring song, a kind of song you would carry the Olympic torch to. This definitely outshines “The Next Decade” and almost matches “Journey Through the Decade.” But not quite.

(the single also includes a “classic edit” of “Stay the Ride Alive” as well as an original instrumental)

In Conclusion: Gackt is an enduring musical legend and this holds true even today. Though he will never be able to top or surpass songs from his youth like “Mizerable” or “Vanilla,” Gackt’s music continues to thrive and impress. I hope the rumors of his retirement in 2010 are not true, because I believe he still has plenty left to offer us.


Quick Question: Who is your favorite artist and why?



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5 responses to ““Stay the Ride Alive” – GACKT

  1. askjeevas

    Gackt-sama. ❤
    Really nice review. I haven't given this single a listen yet, but based on your praise, I definitely think I will!

  2. This sounds a lot like it’d be on a Japanese! 😀 Especially one like Kamen Rider 😛 I’ve never heard anything by Mr. GACKT before, so this is the first impression I got from him X3 He looks like he does pretty intense music from the imagery tied to this single ~

    You’re going very strong with your blog! 😀 I see you post very often, and that’s great! I wish I had your drive X3 Keep on strong! 😀

    Hmm, lets see, I have many favorite artists but I think my top favorite is Utada Hikaru 😛 She’s so genius and fantastic, there isn’t a single song of hers that I don’t love to death ~ I think that’s pretty unusual for me because I’m usually very picky XD Other favorites of mine are Koda Kumi, Brown Eyed Girls, Maki Goto (her new avex stuff) and I think Shiina Ringo too *-*

  3. Hmmm, honestly, I have to judge the Decade stuff differently than I do G’s solo stuff, because G didn’t compose it. However…JOURNEY was an incredible work of rock that set such a high standard in the beginning, personally I thought both Next Decade and Stay the Ride kind of missed the mark. However, this piece does have its moments, especially around the 3:40 break when it gets driven, rhythmic, and GACKT starts pulling his insane vibrato in short spurts. His voice is excellent as always, but you’re right, the squeal at the end was sort of…Well. It just sort of ‘was’.

    Thanks for putting up the review! (Wow, that was fast!) I’m glad to see there are a few more fans out there who still have some appreciation of the man. He’s killing it doing whatever he pleases (Camui Gakuen, anyone?)….Much respect, always.

  4. Ethan

    My favourite artist varies by day if not by the hour. XD Right now I really like school food punishment. They’re music is really refreshing and fun to listen to.

    Nice review, btw!

    • I just had to reply @ Ethan and say that I second that notion– in a desert of Jpop starting to sound the same, school food punishment is an oasis of originality, and you got it right with keywords “fun” and “refreshing”. Glad to see someone else has caught the fever.

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