“Break Out!” – Tohoshinki

I read a really nice review of this over at a song for xx and hope that I’m able to something that is at least halfway as awesome..

What is it with boy bands and boy groups in Japan right now? Have you looked at Arashi’s sales over the past couple of years!? What in the world!? I don’t really like Arashi so I don’t have a clue why they are THAT popular? Do you have a theory for Arashi’s insane popularity? Leave a comment!

“Break Out” is the newest single from Korean import Tohoshinki. I gotta say, these boys have not impressed me since Mirotic came out a while back. But this single is OUTSTANDINGGGG!!!!

Track 1: Break Out- This song has an infectious beat, some really dark synth, and 80s-inspired drums in places. This is as close to electropop as you can get without entirely being electropop. I love the dark sound and the aggressive voices. Vocally, I sincerely believe that Tohoshinki is the best boy band out there. Compared to them, Arashi sounds like a bunch of frustrated schoolboys. I am really sorry if I offended anyone with that.

Track 2: Xiatic- This is another dark and aggressive dance tune. It is significantly harder than Break Out and serves as a perfect balance between the two. I gotta say, I love when a b-side compliments the a-side this well. This has a fantastic rhythm and some beautiful harmonizing.

Track 3: Break Out (New Jack Swing Mix)- Holy cow, old skool! This is a very VERY 90s sounding remix of the original “Break Out.” Its a cute beat but at the same time its completely insufferable. The original is a million times better.

(the single also includes instrumentals of the original Break Out and Xiatic)

In Conlusion: “Break Out” is like a revival of the Tohoshinki I loved during the era of “Mirotic” and “Doushite blah blah blah blah.” (longest title ever, seriously) This single is highly recommended. My only problem was the terrible remix. Still, it didn’t taint the epicness of the original!



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