“Man-Like Creatures” -Straightener

Straightener is a really cool band. Their experimental sound has yet to be matched.

Track 1: Man-Like Creatures- This song is mainly driven by the drums. The beats are rather unique and frame the guitar and plaintive vocals really well. It is a more relaxed breed of alt rock, and sparkles with an electric voice that seems to leap out of the song and surround you as you listen. About three minutes into the song, it becomes significantly harder and the guitar overpowers both vocals and drums in a pulse-pounding race towards the end. Some really nice falsetto comes in the last fifteen seconds and its done. Highly recommended!

Track 2: Toneless Twilight- You already know how much I hate b-sides, but Straightener normally provides ones of (at least) decent quality. If you’ve ever heard “Dive” from the single “Melodic Storm” then you know that b-sides from Straightener usually sound like they were actually thought out, not slapped together in five seconds. This has some beautiful piano, a great melody, and a thrilling guitar track. This is like a continuation of “Broken Youth” by NICO Touches the Walls. Very enjoyable, and flows very nicely after the first song.

Track 3: Man-Like Creatures (Aus Mix)- Meh. I’m never much for remixes…

(the single also contains instrumentals of the first two tracks)

In Conclusion- “Man-Like Creatures” is an amazingly strong release from Straightener. Both the a-side and the b-side support each other and work together nicely. Its worth a listen.




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2 responses to ““Man-Like Creatures” -Straightener

  1. Jin

    Thanks for the add and I’m glad you enjoy my posts! ^_^
    Good luck in this crazy blogging world! Added you as well and shall give a listen to this AQUAMARRY group. o: They sound interesting~

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