“Like Yesterday” – the brilliant green

The years have been kind to Tomoko. 😉

I have reached this conclusion. Tomoko Kawase wants the world to live in suspense.  All of her roughly thirty million side projects/alter egos go on hiatus for an illogical amount of time. “Like Yesterday” is buriguri’s first release since 2008’s “Ash Like Snow,” which sounded a lot more like a Tommy Heavenly6 song if you ask me. I’m happy to say that “Like Yesterday” returns to buriguri’s classic laid-back, “beachy” music. Review time!

Like Yesterday- In the spirit of songs like “I’m Jus’ Lovin’ You,” and my personal favorite “Brownie the Cat,” “Like Yesterday” is, as stated earlier, a very laid back song. Its a song that you would listen to at the beach whilst roasting your skin cells in the sun. Another thing it reminds me of is the kind of song that you would play at a graduation. I sure wish this played at my graduation; our senior song sucked. Then again, my entire high school sucked. End rant here.

In Conclusion- “Like Yesterday” is a very plain, ordinary song but something seriously drew me to it. Same goes for those Japanese folks buying the song on iTunes; its the fourth most popular download on the Japanese store today. Perhaps this was out of sheer anticipation for a new release. Who cares? Check this song out!



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One response to ““Like Yesterday” – the brilliant green

  1. Oh My God. *jaw hangs open* I wasn’t expecting such a surprise when I logged in today. Not only did a person actually POST something on my blog but, they added me to their blogroll? Shocking!

    So then I come here to visit and I learn that buri guri has crawled out from under their rock to release another Single?! AMAZING!

    I’m with the Nihonjin- I don’t care if it’s good, as it’s just BEING here far outweighs any musical judgment I would normally pass upon it.

    PS. I like your sense of humor.

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