“Fairyshift” – Aquamarry

I really like this cover!

That’s right, kids! I am ditching my Sociology homework for the time being to bring you this review. Plus, I’ve got a Hot Pocket that I’m chowing down on. Hooray! Before I start, I’d like to say that I have found copies of “Infinity” for sale online! As soon as my financial aid return check comes in, I will be purchasing it. I am dying to hear the other five tracks.

“Fairyshift” is the second release by superindie band Aquamarry, and their first mini-album. This is another difficult to find release in physical format, but unlike the album “Infinity,” “Fairyshift” is available for digital download in the Japanese iTunes store. I’m terribly bummed about this because compared to “Infinity,” “Fairyshift” is just mediocre.

Track 1: Shari-la-lira – This is probably the best track on the mini-album. It’s a feel-good-its-a-new-day-everything-is-gonna-be-just-fine kind of song. It’s uplifting and makes you feel good about being alive. Plus, you get to hear that trademark “underwater guitar!”

Track 2: S.M.W- Yeah, so I have no idea what S.M.W stands for…  It’s a really short song at only three minutes. I could best describe this song as “punk.” It’s okay, but not memorable.

Track 3: 妄想テレパシー – This song reminds me of a sped-up version of “Mirror Ball” with some guitar similar to that in Nightmare’s “The Last Show.” I like the melody and harmony but again, its not very memorable.

Track 4: ホシカゲソウ – This song starts out with some heavy blues elements.  Its the longest track on the mini-album, and the entire time I listened to it, I kept waiting for it to go somewhere. It never did. Skip this one.

Track 5: LiFE – This is basically a continuation of Shari-la-lira. The guitar is the best part. Not much else to be said.

In Conclusion: To be blunt, “Fairyshift” doesn’t hold a candle to “Infinity.” I commend Aquamarry for exploring different genres on their second release, but it truly did not work too well for them. Also, it seemed as though the quality of Cinnamon’s vocals declined from one track to the next. If this was someone’s first experience with the band, I can see why they would not want to listen any further. This is why I recommend listening to “Infinity” before you even touch “Fairyshift.”



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