“Morning Glory” – Bonnie Pink

Now this is a song I could wake up to! Seriously, I wish I had an alarm clock that played this song. Its the perfect tune to get you up and about in the morning, and the PV makes it even more uplifting. I want to do exactly what Bonnie is doing; throwing open the curtains and belting out this song. Unfortunately, if I tried to do that today, I’d be slapped in the face by an ungodly wind chill.

This style of song is reminiscent of Bonnie’s older stuff that we love so much. I’m glad she decided to go back to that sound for a little while.

I think the biggest part of why I like this song so much is because the empowering and happy atmosphere helped me out a lot. A couple weeks ago, my kitty died and I was really devastated. Bonnie’s line “something tells me just keep going,  keep going and you will smile again,” was something I could seriously relate to.

Rest in peace, Socks. I love you!

Anyway, this single has only been released as a digital download, so unless you’re insanely lucky and have a Japanese iTunes gift card or something along the lines of that, then odds are you don’t have this song. I believe that this is going to be released physically at some point (I swear I think I saw news about it coming out in March) so hopefully more people can get their hands on it. It is a surefire way to have a brighter day! (woot, that rhymed.)




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2 responses to ““Morning Glory” – Bonnie Pink

  1. desshou

    Such a nice song ! I was hoping for a physical release, but I guess it was once again only released digitally yesterday, this time on iTunes… =/

    So sorry about Socks !
    Such a beautiful kitty^^

    • Thank you, I surely miss her a lot. But she was old and sick and it was her time. That’s life, I guess. As sad as that sounds.

      I think they need to release it physically. Get it on the charts. I think its her best work since A Perfect Sky TBQH.

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